Diane Cipollo

In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will create a gingerbread man cookie graphic for your Xmas elements collection. We will start by tracing the gingerbread man cookie from a reference photo. Once we have the basic shape, we will clean up the line art, add color and details.

Lisa Shea

The successor of the XBox One is going to be the ... XBox One X. Who comes up with these naming schemes? This is Project Scorpio. I liked that name better.

Grace D. Dooley

Retailers and shoppers look forward to this time of the year. Anyone who is in business will have an opportunity to connect with potentially new customers, clients or prospects. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the kick off events for holiday shopping. It's push season so to speak!

Allison Nunn

Office 365 Home Premium is a subscription service from Microsoft that includes the newest version of MS Office for up to five household computers (including Macs), free monthly Skype credits, 20GB SkyDrive account and Office on Demand. Come read more about this exciting new service from Microsoft.